“STANZA”, the Apparel Division of pokarna Ltd.-leading manufacturer’s premium men’s wear in India. Located in A.P, our unit is a one of its kind, state of the art manufacturing facility.

“Stanza was launched in the year 2004,with a vision to become a premium lifestyle brand for men.”Stanza” products are made in the finest tradition of high quality European garment making. “Stanza”shirts and trousers are a testimonial to the attention and commitment behind each garment,produced at our state of the art factory. After all, “Stanza” is more than just a shirt or trouser-it is a labour of love. Our brand philosophy of “no compromises” lends itself to all operations and manifests itself with elan in every thing that we do. It is our passion for perfection and attention to even the minutest of details, which our discerning customers recognize in all our products.

“Stanza” brings to the Contemporary Indian Male, something that he never had before….The option to reject the mundane and the unremarkable, and instead to carve out his own unique style niche.

Go ahead and experience “Stanza”-you will come back for more !!!